Mr Santos Rivas

CEO & Principal

  • Protege and top disciple of Grandmaster Jae Hun Kim
  • Founder, J H Kim Taekwondo Singapore / Malaysia Network
  • Vice-President (Asia Pacific), J H Kim Taekwondo International Network
  • Kukkiwon-certified 5th Dan Master Instructor
  • Singapore Taekwondo Federation / Singapore Sports Council NCAP Certification
  • Accomplished Taekwondo competitor with multiple wins at US national and state-level sparring tournaments

Since the founding of the Singapore network in 2003, Mr Rivasʼ passion for teaching Taekwondo has grown stronger day by day. He teaches daily at the Millenia Walk Main Branch, where his classes are renowned for their relevance, innovation and sound technical principles.

Mr Rivas also spends a sizable amount of time training key instructional staff to ensure that the same high standards of Taekwondo are upheld at each of our branches.


Mr Ronnie Liew

Chief Operating Officer


Ms Amy Leong

Accounts Executive


Ms Adeline Wee

Accounts & Admin Assistant


Mrs Shan Shan Rivas

Human Resource Executive


Ms Syazlin Binte Hanif

Membership Manager


Mr Fabian Sah

Warehouse & Operation Executive


Ms Era

Operation Executive