New Fees Structure & Requirement After 15th of August 2016

Dear All Parents and Students,

Please take note that there will be a new fees structure and requirement after 15th August 2016. If you do not receive our email about the new changes, do enquire at our front desk.

On 11th of September, there will be Chapter Assessment for all Poom Belt from 1 pm onwards and Poom Ceremony at 5pm for those Black Tip and 1st Poom students who passed the August 2016 STF Grading.

Do remember to register for the Chapter Assessment when your kids are ready for the assessment. Deadline is before 4th of September 2016.

Also take note that all our 3 schools will be closed on every Monday from 15th of August 2016 onwards.

Thank you for your kind attention!


Best Regards

JH KIM Taekwondo Management