Kids Classes

10 May 2022

Reciting the STF pledge is more than just vocalizing the words we have memorized. It is a promise that we, as martial artists young and old, make, to stay true to the values and beliefs of Taekwondo.

Singapore Taekwondo Federation Pledge

“We, the members of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, pledge that
·        we shall remain humble, honest and helpful at all times,
·        we shall respect our elders, parents, coaches, seniors and one another regardless of race, language, class or creed,
·        we shall believe in ourselves and persist no matter how great the challenge to achieve our noble aspirations,
·        we shall develop our characters, qualities and abilities to serve our community and our country and
·        we shall abide by the rules and regulations of Taekwondo and the laws of Singapore.”

Here at Rivas-JH Kim Singapore, we believe in playing our part to teach our students not only the physical techniques and forms, but also the values and tenets that lie in the heart of Taekwondo. We are affiliated to our country’s Taekwondo governing body – the Singapore Taekwondo Federation, and we abide by their regulations.

Taekwondo is a complete system encompassing both physical and mental aspects of the martial art. And on top of that, it is an internationally renowned martial art, with a rich history and a heritage worth preserving for future generations. We are glad that we can contribute to upholding the beliefs and practices of Taekwondo at all our schools.