Taekwondo Holiday Camps Dec 2022

9 November 2022

Our ever-popular Taekwondo Holiday Camps are back, and this time, we’re pleased to open our Camps to all! Yes, these camps are meant for everyone totally new to Taekwondo!

Come join us this December as we kick and punch together and learn the basics of Taekwondo. Our holiday programs are bite-sized sessions of exciting activities that incorporate Taekwondo skills and techniques into fun exercises!

Our 3-day holiday camps will consist of fun warm-up activities, basic Taekwondo techniques, and game time and on Day 3, we’ll end our camp with an exciting board-breaking session!

There will be 3 separate Holiday Camps based on different age groups, as these programs are specially and specifically designed to suit the varying learning speeds of these kids. These activities and exercises are fun yet challenging and meant to develop their focus, determination and physical capabilities.

Contact us to register now!